WordPress Design Hawaii

Do I need a Content Management System?

Content management systems empower website owners to update, blog, sell, and connect without any coding.  Content management systems allow companies to adjust their website live from any computer with an internet connection.  You can even update your website from your smartphone!

Why WordPress?

WordPress powers 1 of every 6 websites in the world.  WordPress accounts for 48% of all Content Management Systems in the world.  WordPress also has the largest plugin and theme market in the world.  WordPress is updated and repaired more frequently than other content management systems.

WordPress is Simple & Secure

WordPress is very intuitive for users with no coding experience. Its interface can be customized to different user roles.  WordPress is tested and updated frequently for performance and security. The updates are automatic and always free.

WordPress is Here to Stay

The popularity of WordPress ensures it’s here to stay. Website owners are no longer locked into receiving updates from a single web designer.