Web Design Hawaii

Our web designs are based on a customer-centric philosophy.  We design websites that cater specifically to our customers target demographics.  Every part of the website should be both aesthetically pleasing and function as a conversion funnel.

Completely Responsive Design

In 2014 Mobile devices accounted for nearly half of all internet traffic recorded by Google.  This trend isn’t going anywhere.  Designing separate versions of your site only creates a new SEO problem.  What’s the solution?  A single site that responds to the device of the user.  We go beyond the mobile-desktop paradigm to consider traffic from tablets, laptops and smartTVs as well.  We also optimize key images for Retina display on Apple devices.

WordPress CMS

Our websites are built on the WordPress CMS.  We design custom CSS themes for our WordPress installations.  WordPress allows website owners to update and manage their content through a graphical user interface.

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Custom Coding

We can custom code HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AJAX and PHP websites and applications.  We can also configure and build around MySQL databases.  We also have extensive experience with API for major companies.  All of our websites are coded up to HTML5 Standards.

Advanced Language Support

Hawaii is a diverse island with an even more diverse target market.  Our websites come equipped with the Transposh language plugin that utilizes Google Translate to automatically translate your site to other languages.  Reach a broader market without having to write content in different languages.

Connect Social Media

Building an audience is an essential step to a successful business.  Our websites are designed to optimize social media attention in two ways.  First, we automate and centralize the publishing of new content through a blog.  Second, we dynamically place unique sharing URLs throughout our websites to consistently convert visitors into fans.

Complete Graphic Mockups

Why wait to see what the site will look like until it’s finished?  Our design process emphasizes a complete graphic mockup of your website before any coding work is started.  We resolve questions and issues before we start developing.

Conversion Centric Design

Our central principle when designing a website is conversions.  It’s not enough that we design a beautiful website for our clients if it doesn’t function well and doesn’t bring them business.  We design websites for three types of conversions: eCommerce, Lead Generation, and Bookings (reservations).


Our eCommerce solutions are built on the shopping cart platform WooCommerce.  Our shopping carts have coupons, advance shipping calculators, upselling systems, and customer management.

Lead Generation

We organically grow leads by implementing smooth capture forms, strategic calls to action, and market focused content.

Booking/Reservation Systems

The service industry is a major part of Hawaii’s economy.  The industry is a race to reach customers first.  Many companies in Hawaii rely entirely on tourists booking months in advanced.  If you’re not accepting reservations online, you’re not getting your share of the market.

Performance Monitoring with Google Analytics

We create implement custom data collection and event triggers on our clients websites.  We monitor our Analytics reports for poor performing content and conversion bottlenecks.  We don’t leave the performance of our websites up to chance.  You can only manage what you measure.

Google PageSpeed Optimization

We optimize our website designs to score high in Google PageSpeed Insights.  We compress images and resources, enable caching, and minify documents to decrease the load time of our websites.  Find out more about our PageSpeed Optimization on our Web Marketing Hawaii page.